Belgium offers importers of goods the opportunity to import into Belgium VAT free

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Belgian tax authorities allow simplified proof of transport evidence for EC sales of goods

The Belgian tax authorities have taken the decision to simplify the proof of transport requirements for intra-Community supplies by introducing a new “destination document”. This document is an alternative to the usual evidence required to prove that the transport for cross border sales from Belgium to other EU member states has taken place and that… Read More

Belgium plans to reduce the VAT rate charged on e-books

The Belgian government plans to decrease the VAT rate applied to the sale of e-books from 21% to 6%. Belgium are planning to introduce this reduction even though it breaches two European Court of Justice rulings in March 2015 (Case C-479/13 & C-502/13) which stated that e-books should be taxed at member states’ standard rate… Read More

Belgium to apply VAT to online betting from July 2016

As of 1 July 2016 online betting in Belgium will be subject to their 21% VAT rate.  As per the EU VAT Directive, member states are not obliged to charge VAT on betting or games of chance for cash or prizes, and online betting in all other member states is exempt from VAT as a… Read More