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5% & 13%

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Monthly or Quarterly (depending on annual turnover of the company)

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Latest news from Croatia

Croatia propose to cut VAT rate to 24% from 2019

From 1 January 2019, the Croatian tax authorities are proposing to reduce their standard VAT rate from 25% to 24%. There is no plan to lower their reduced VAT rates, which will remain at 13% and 5%.

Croatia cuts VAT 2018

Croatia propose to amend their VAT law to include: A reduction of the standard VAT rate to 24% from 25% during 2018 An increase to the current 13% VAT rate on restaurant services to 25% from 1 January 2017 An increase to the annual VAT registration threshold for resident companies to HRK 300,000 from 1… Read More

Croatia reduces its annual Intrastat threshold for the sale of goods to other EU countries

From 1 January 2016 the Intrastat threshold for goods being sold from Croatia to other EU countries has been reduced from HRK 1,000,000 to HRK 900,000 per annum.