Latest news from Czech Republic

Czech Republic bid to introduce generalised temporary reverse charge (GRCM) during 2020

During January 2019, the Czech Republic requested to be the first EU member state to introduce the generalised reverse charge mechanism (GRCM) on domestic supplies undertaken in the country. The GRCM was introduced by the European Union in an effort to combat VAT fraud and allows EU member states most severely affected by fraud to… Read More

Czech Republic propose VAT amendments from 2019

From January 2019 the Czech Republic are proposing to amend their VAT legislation. Some of the changes include: The adoption of the new EU VAT rules for the treatment of single and multi-purpose vouchers – Please click here for our previous article explaining the new VAT treatments. Non-resident suppliers of e-services not having to charge Czech… Read More

Czech Republic change VAT rate on newspapers and magazines

As of 1 March 2017 the VAT rate on newspapers and magazines will be reduced from 15% to 10% in the Czech Republic.