France offers importers of goods the opportunity to import into France VAT free

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France advises companies to make EU Refund Directive claims by 28 February 2019

The French tax authorities have recommended that French and UK businesses, who use the EU Refund Directive mechanism to claim back VAT incurred in the UK and France during 2018, should complete their applications by 28 February 2019. Normally these types of claims would have a submission deadline of 30 September in both countries.  However,… Read More

France extends e-invoices for business to Government transactions

From 1 January 2019, France extended the obligation to submit electronic VAT invoices for sales made to the government, to include small and mid-sized businesses. Small and mid-sized businesses are considered to be vendors with between 10 to 250 employees and this new requirement will mean that they must use authorised software to raise and… Read More

France introduce new VAT software obligations from January 2018

A new requirement for all resident French businesses that are VAT registered to use certified anti-VAT fraud software when undertaking cash and credit sales to consumers (B2C transactions) will be introduced from 1 January 2018. The software introduced will be approved by the French tax authorities and will be designed to prevent VAT fraud by… Read More