France offers importers of goods the opportunity to import into France VAT free

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France introduce new VAT software obligations from January 2018

A new requirement for all resident French businesses that are VAT registered to use certified anti-VAT fraud software when undertaking cash and credit sales to consumers (B2C transactions) will be introduced from 1 January 2018. The software introduced will be approved by the French tax authorities and will be designed to prevent VAT fraud by… Read More

France introduce new VAT software obligations from Jan 2018

From January 2018 France will require VAT registered businesses to use certified anti-VAT fraud software. These requirements will apply to all software used by the business whether it is bought-in or developed in-house, and also to cash registers used in retailer’s premises. The basic requirements for the software include: The ability for the tax authorities… Read More

ECJ rules against the reduced VAT being applied to e-books

In a recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling (Case C-390/15) it was stated that e-books are not entitled to the same reduced EU VAT rates as printed books. In the ruling the ECJ held that having differing rates for the same book, based on the media that it is provided in, was not discriminatory…. Read More