France offers importers of goods the opportunity to import into France VAT free

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UPDATE: From 2023 France will extend e-invoices for all B2B transactions

From January 2023, France will extend the obligation to submit electronic VAT invoices to all business-to-business sales transactions undertaken in the country. This requirement has already been in place for business-to-government transactions from 2018 and requires effected businesses to use an authorised software to raise and send invoices via a digital connection (such as an… Read More

France proposes new online marketplaces VAT fraud obligations

The French government recently proposed new measures to combat e-commerce VAT fraud within its draft budget for 2020. These new measures target fulfilment houses and online marketplaces, and by introducing these, it is hoped that they will prevent the loss of millions of euros worth of VAT due to fraud in the sector. The new… Read More

French tax authorities confirm new purchase order requirement for VAT invoices

The French tax authorities recently confirmed that companies VAT registered in France must now show purchase order numbers on their invoices, if a purchase order was raised prior to the invoice being issued. In France, missing or misstated information on an invoice can be penalised in the event of an audit and penalties can be… Read More