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Greece VAT receipt lottery to fight fraud

In order to try to reduce VAT fraud the Greek government has launched a monthly lottery based on VAT compliant receipts issued to consumers. From the end of October, every VAT receipt issued in the country will show a unique number which will be automatically entered into a monthly cash-prize draw organised by the government…. Read More

Greece introduce a domestic reverse charge mechanism on electronic devices

In an effort to prevent VAT fraud, the Greek government has implemented a domestic reverse charge mechanism on the supplies of mobile phones, games consoles, tablet PCs and laptops. This new mechanism, introduced on 1 August 2017, will mean that businesses providing these types of electronic devices will no longer have to charge VAT on… Read More

Greece propose to raise VAT registration threshold

Greece is planning to increase their VAT registration threshold for resident companies from €10,000 to €25,000 from 1 January 2017. There is no threshold in place for non-resident companies who must VAT register from the first taxable sale they make in the country.