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IT 1234 5678 901

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Italian marketplace anti-fraud reporting requirements go live

From 31 October 2019, Italy will introduce new anti-VAT fraud reporting requirements on online marketplaces. This new requirement will oblige online platforms to report the following information directly to the Italian tax authorities on a quarterly basis: Details of each seller using their platform, including a valid Italian tax number Total sales by € and… Read More

UPDATE: Italy postpones online marketplaces’ VAT fraud obligations

Italy has postponed plans to make online marketplaces responsible for the VAT on sales of electronic goods under a value of €150, made by non-EU sellers to January 2021. Under the new rules, online marketplaces will acquire the goods from the non-EU seller and then undertake the local sale to the consumers themselves. The marketplace… Read More

Italy attempts to avoid VAT hike

The Italian government are trying to avoid increasing the countries standard VAT rate from 22% to 24.2%, this increase is scheduled for January 2020. Due to Italy having the second highest level of debt in the European Union, they previously agreed with the European Commission (EC) to increase their VAT rates if certain budgetary targets… Read More