Latest news from Norway

UPDATE: The EU commission announces VAT cooperation agreement between EU and Norway

On 6 February 2018, the European Commission and Norway signed the long awaited VAT cooperation agreement. The negotiations in regards to this agreement began in June 2015 and now signed; it should provide EU Member States and Norway with a legal framework for the cooperation on combating VAT fraud and assisting each other on VAT… Read More

UPDATE: Norway confirm the introduction of a mandatory SAF-T file from January 2020

The Norwegian tax authorities have confirmed that the planned implementation of a mandatory SAF-T file will be further delayed until 1 January 2020. The SAF-T file was introduced on a voluntary basis in the country from January 2017 and is a way for the tax authorities to exchange VAT data with businesses in a more… Read More

REMINDER: Norway increases its reduced VAT rate to 12%

From 1 January 2018, the Norwegian government will increase the reduced VAT rate from 10% to 12%. The reduced VAT rate applies to cinema admission, public transport, hotel accommodation services and entrance to museums and amusement parks in the country.