HMRC calls on online marketplaces to sign agreement tackling VAT fraud in the UK

During April 2018, HMRC asked all online marketplaces operating in the UK to sign an agreement to help tackle online VAT fraud. This agreement states that these online platforms have a responsibility to: Educate the sellers who use their online marketplaces in the UK, on their VAT obligations either by producing their own guidance or… Read More

EU VAT fraud public prosecutor office established by 20 states

An anti VAT fraud public prosecutor’s office will be established by 20 EU member states and will primarily focus on the EU trading block’s estimated €50bn VAT fraud issue. The new department will come into place by 2020 and will be based in Luxembourg. It will be made up from seconded prosecutors from each participating… Read More

Greece VAT receipt lottery to fight fraud

In order to try to reduce VAT fraud the Greek government has launched a monthly lottery based on VAT compliant receipts issued to consumers. From the end of October, every VAT receipt issued in the country will show a unique number which will be automatically entered into a monthly cash-prize draw organised by the government…. Read More

Poland postpones the introduction of split payments to prevent VAT fraud

Poland recently announced that the introduction of the anti-VAT fraud split payments regime will be delayed until 1 April 2018. The original proposed implementation date was 1 January 2018 and once introduced the split payment procedure will allow customers to pay the VAT amount of a sale directly into a special supervised bank account. The… Read More

Russia considers implementation of split payments for e-service transactions

In an effort to prevent VAT fraud, Russia is considering introducing a VAT split payments regime on the sales of e-services. If introduced the split payment procedure would require online market places (such as Amazon and E-bay) to collect the VAT at 18%, which is due on these types of sales, directly from the consumer…. Read More

UK to tackle e-commerce VAT fraud

The UK government has announced that it will introduce new measures in order to prevent VAT evasion committed by non-compliant, non-EU businesses that sell goods online in the UK. Currently there is a nil VAT registration threshold for these types of traders who should register for VAT from the first sale they make in the… Read More