UPDATE: UK Making Tax Digital VAT pilot

The UK tax authority (HMRC) recently confirmed that it has extended the Making Tax Digital for VAT pilot available to members of VAT Groups, partnerships and companies using the flat rate scheme. During October 2018, the pilot was opened up to the public for testing and this enabled most taxpayers to submit VAT returns using… Read More

UPDATE: UK Making Tax Digital implementation

The UK tax authority (HMRC) recently provided an update confirming that it is implementing the next phase of its Making Tax Digital (MTD) program during October 2018. During the next phase, the pilot will be opened up to the public for testing and this will enable any taxpayer to submit VAT returns using the new… Read More

Brexit Update: UK issues no-deal VAT guidance notice

The UK has recently issued a range of guidance notices informing both the public and businesses of what the implications would be in the unlikely event that the UK leaves the EU next year without a formal withdrawal agreement in place. One of the notices released covers what the VAT implications will be for businesses… Read More

UK propose rule changes for the VAT treatment of vouchers

The UK tax authorities have published a proposal for a change in the Value Added Tax (VAT) treatment of vouchers. This will affect retailers with promotional or loyalty programs and if accepted the new legislation will be introduced from 1 January 2019. The UK proposal follows the EU Voucher Directive which will take effect from… Read More

More Brexit news! Parliament vote on amendments to Brexit Customs Paper

During July 2018, the UK Parliament voted to amend the Brexit Customs Paper to ensure that the UK does not remain within the EU VAT regime after leaving the EU in 2020. The Brexit Customs Paper is a proposal on the future customs relationship between the EU and the UK post Brexit and these amendments… Read More

UPDATE: UK Making Tax Digital implementation

The UK tax authority (HMRC) recently provided an update on the progress made relating to the implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD), due to begin on 1 April 2019. This update stated that they are making good progress with 35 software suppliers having stated that they will have software ready for the first testing phase… Read More

HMRC calls on online marketplaces to sign agreement tackling VAT fraud in the UK

During April 2018, HMRC asked all online marketplaces operating in the UK to sign an agreement to help tackle online VAT fraud. This agreement states that these online platforms have a responsibility to: Educate the sellers who use their online marketplaces in the UK, on their VAT obligations either by producing their own guidance or… Read More

UK issue a further Split VAT Payment consultation

The UK tax authorities have issued a further public consultation relating to the adoption of Split Payments for e-commerce transactions in the country. If introduced it’s hoped that the mechanism will help to prevent online VAT fraud and would require the VAT-element of online sales to be paid directly to the UK tax authorities by… Read More

UK Making Tax Digital VAT consultation

The UK tax authority (HMRC) recently released draft regulations and VAT notices that relate to the April 2019 launch of the “Making Tax Digital” legislation. A pilot of the programme for taxpayers, agents and software providers is also scheduled to begin from April 2018. As stated in our previous article, when introduced businesses with a… Read More

UK to extend the scope of joint & several VAT liability for online marketplaces

As announced in the October 2017 Autumn budget, from April 2018 legislation will be introduced that will extend the scope of the existing joint and several liability rules. This is to be able to hold online marketplaces (such as eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Sears.com, etc.) jointly and severally liable for: Any future VAT that a UK… Read More