Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration

GST is an indirect tax applied to the sale of goods and services for domestic consumption. GST is paid by consumers but is remitted to the government by the businesses selling the goods and services. Like Value Added Tax (VAT), companies may be required to register for GST depending on the country they are trading in.

Why is GST registration required?

If your business sells goods or services in foreign countries, it may have an obligation to comply with GST or other indirect tax laws in the country where your transactions occur. This obliges your business to register for GST in the country of the transaction, and, in most cases, you will need to account for GST on supplies.

The types of transactions that can oblige you to GST register include:

  • Importing goods into the country for sale
  • Buying and selling goods locally
  • Storing goods in a warehouse, as consignment stock or in a fulfilment centre
  • Organising an event in the country (specifically if there is paid admission).

GST is commonly applied in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and Singapore. However, other jurisdictions have adopted GST, and each country has differing registration requirements and thresholds.

If a business does not GST register, it may face financial penalties and interest charges for any taxes not reported or paid late. Therefore, you must understand the legal requirements for GST registration in each country you’re trading in and register immediately if you do have a requirement.

Click here to find out the GST thresholds for the country you’re trading in. Alternatively, get in touch, and we can help you understand these rules and requirements for your business.

GST registration from Fiscal Solutions

Fiscal Solutions provide an efficient GST registration service which:

  • Enables foreign exporters to act as the importer of record and, depending on the country of import, may allow them to import their goods at a price that’s different from the ultimate selling price to their customer. This means that import duties are often calculated at lower values, providing real cost savings.
  • Provides foreign traders with an all-round GST registration and compliance service, including information on how to stay compliant.

Why use Fiscal Solutions for your GST registration?

You will benefit from the unique way we provide GST registration support via a single point of contact. By employing a multi-lingual team of VAT and GST compliance specialists, it enables us to deal directly with tax authorities in their language, helping you to achieve your business goals in a timely and efficient manner.

Whether you need to GST register in a single country, or if you have a requirement to register in multiple jurisdictions, we can help. Our specialist team provides clients with the highest calibre of advice, using our in-depth knowledge of the GST registration process built from decades of experience.

We help you simplify the complexities of the GST registration process, address tomorrow’s challenges regarding GST reporting, and take the fear out of the equation.

We anticipate problems before they happen and offer tailor-made solutions. The values we represent, and our consistent advice, mean you can trust Fiscal Solutions to do the right thing – for you and your organisation.

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