E-commerce VAT

If you are looking to establish yourself in the global e-commerce marketplace, online VAT is a commercial necessity.

Online VAT for goods and services

The Fiscal Solutions team are highly experienced in understanding the complexities of e-commerce VAT and will help your business maintain compliance.

We can help you make sense of VAT for all online trading.

There are many factors that could influence your liability for online VAT, so get in touch below for more information or to take advantage of our free consultation offering.

At what point do I have to register for online VAT?

If you make sales of goods to individuals, you may benefit from a threshold of sales that can be made before local VAT registration becomes a legal obligation. However, many countries have a zero threshold.

Online retailers can avoid setting up offices in each country in which VAT is due by using a tax agent or fiscal representative. In some countries, the appointment of a fiscal representative is a legal obligation.

E-commerce after Brexit

From 1 January 2021, HMRC will introduce changes to the VAT treatment of goods sold from overseas businesses to UK consumers, either directly via import or via online marketplaces. To find out how your business could be impacted, click here.

Are you trading globally? Whether you are in need of basic VAT advice or more specific VAT compliance support, Fiscal Solutions can help. Our team of multi-lingual experts are knowledgeable on all the different VAT rules in Europe and around the world.

From international VAT registration to VAT refunds, we strive to keep our clients fully compliant and their businesses VAT efficient.

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