Import VAT

Increasingly, non-EU suppliers are required to deliver goods directly to customers within the EU, that are already duty and VAT paid.

VAT on imported goods

Wherever you deliver your goods, you will need to understand the import VAT rules for your chosen destination, if the goods are to be sourced from outside the EU.

It is common for exporters to the EU to send consolidated shipments with deliveries intended for more than one EU customer. In such circumstances, the exporter needs to register for import VAT in the country of arrival of the goods, in order to clear them into free circulation in the EU.

Import VAT services from Fiscal Solutions

Fiscal Solutions can suggest ways to minimise your import VAT and duties. In most cases, this delivers cost savings, cash flow benefits and in some countries an entirely VAT free importation.

Are you trading globally? Whether you are in need of basic VAT advice or more specific VAT compliance support, Fiscal Solutions can help. Our team of multi-lingual experts are knowledgeable on all the different VAT rules in Europe and around the world.

From international VAT registration to VAT refunds, we strive to keep our clients fully compliant and their businesses VAT efficient.

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