Fiscal Solutions offer a comprehensive VAT service to businesses looking to trade globally. Our team of multi-lingual specialists can support you from our single office in London.

Why you need specialist support

VAT is a transactional tax. Every time there is a transaction, whether it is a sale of goods or the supply of service, the VAT liability must be considered.

At Fiscal Solutions, we help you simplify today's complexities and address tomorrow's challenges. We anticipate problems before they happen and offer tailor-made solutions. We take time to understand your business and scope out how we can best support your needs. The Fiscal Solutions team provide market-leading international support to businesses, helping you to consider VAT liabilities when trading globally.

We help businesses to stay on top of their VAT compliance obligations and ever-evolving rules, to ensure that our clients are VAT compliant and transactions run as efficiently as possible.

Take a look at the full suite of services we offer below.

International VAT

In light of the changing global economy, there are now more opportunities than ever before for businesses to extend their reach into foreign markets. When trading internationally, Fiscal Solutions can help your businesses to stay on top of specific VAT reporting requirements.

International VAT

Fiscal representation

Many countries require the appointment of a local representative to act for the foreign trader if VAT registration is necessary. The Fiscal Solutions team can assist with this requirement and offer this service in many countries around the world.


VAT registration

It is essential that you understand the legal requirements for VAT registration in each country that you trade in. Fiscal Solutions can help your business to understand this and offer solutions to help you obtain VAT registration seamlessly.


E-commerce VAT

Whether you supply goods or digital services, if you are looking to establish yourself in the global e-commerce marketplace, Fiscal Solutions understand the complexities of e-commerce VAT and will help your business to be compliant.

Ecommerce VAT

VAT advice

Before you start trading in a foreign country, it is vital that you are up-to-date and fully understand the VAT rules of your chosen countries. The Fiscal Solutions team has in-depth knowledge of all international VAT systems, providing advice...


VAT refund

If your business incurs VAT while trading overseas, in some countries, it is possible to have it refunded without the need to register for VAT. Fiscal Solutions can assist your business with the VAT refund procedure, where this is possible.


Event VAT

Most events such as conferences, seminars, training courses or exhibitions organised by businesses in the EU are generally classified taxable in the host country for paid for events. In most cases, this means VAT needs to be accounted for in the...


Import VAT

Fiscal Solutions can suggest ways to minimise your import VAT and duty. In most cases, this can deliver cost savings, cash flow benefits and potentially VAT free importation, where applicable.


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