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Fiscal Solutions can help you make sense of the varying VAT rules and rates both in the UK and all over the world. With our VAT expertise and our multilingual team of VAT specialists, we can help to support your business in trading globally.

We can take care of all the headaches associated with all aspects of European and international VAT compliance, including  VAT registration, fiscal representation, import VAT, online VATEuropean VAT, VAT on events, VAT refund claims and much more.

Our team of experts can also provide your business with tailored VAT advice, to see how we can help please request a free business VAT consultation.

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Fiscal representation

Many countries require the appointment of a local representative to act for foreign trader if VAT registration is necessary. A fiscal representative will be jointly liable for the VAT responsibilities of their foreign client.

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VAT registration

It is essential that you understand the legal requirements for VAT registration in each country that you trade in. Not only will this help you manage your business costs but it will enable you to focus on commercial growth instead of dealing with administrative headaches.

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Common questions

Yes, potentially you will need to charge VAT on the sale of these goods. In order to know for sure we will have to look at where and to which type of customer you are selling the goods, therefore in order to get a definitive answer please contact us.

You could potentially have a requirement to VAT register and charge VAT on the supply of services in the EU, this largely depends on the type of service you are providing and who you are providing this to. For a more definitive answer and a free VAT consultation please contact us.

No as these are zero rated sales for VAT purposes. However in order to export from the EU you will need to have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number and may also be required to register for VAT in the country that you are making the sale from. For a more definitive answer and if you would like help in obtaining an EORI number or a VAT account please contact us.

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Why us

Fiscal Solutions is one of the leading VAT specialist firm helping businesses trade globally. We have provided Fiscal representation for clients since the early 1990s in response to the growing need of overseas trading. We believe we are unique in offering specialist VAT services throughout the EU and the rest of the world via a multi-lingual team based in one central office in London.

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UK propose rule changes for the VAT treatment of vouchers

The UK tax authorities have published a proposal for a change in the Value Added Tax (VAT) treatment of vouchers. This will affect retailers with promotional or loyalty programs and if accepted the new legislation will be introduced from 1 January 2019. The UK proposal follows the EU Voucher Directive which will take effect from… Read More

EU warns Germany regarding its unreasonable restrictions on providing VAT refunds

The European Commission (EC) recently warned Germany that it must reduce its restrictions on providing VAT refunds to non-resident businesses. The EC stated that Germany was unjustified in denying VAT refunds to taxpayers from other member states when all reasonable required information in accordance with the EU VAT refund directive, had been provided. Germany now… Read More

Hungary propose a range of VAT changes for 2019

From January 2019, the Hungarian tax authorities are proposing to introduce a number of changes to their VAT legislation, these changes include: The adoption of the new EU VAT rules for the treatment of single and multi-purpose vouchers – Our previous article from July 2016 explains the new VAT treatments that will apply to vouchers…. Read More