When might you need VAT advice?

Before you start trading in a foreign country it is vital that you are up-to-date and fully understand the VAT rules of your chosen country.

For example you may be considering:

  • Supplying and installing machinery
  • Opening a warehouse
  • Organising an event
  • Importing goods
  • Selling to local consumers
  • Using a distributor to sell your products
  • Purchasing a property

VAT compliance rules will need to be covered for all of the above plans – these will differ from country to country. Fiscal Solutions advises traders throughout the world on their international trade and minimises their fiscal and administrative responsibilities in the countries where they intend to carry out business.

Local VAT information can be found via the country data section.

Our specialist knowledge of the VAT system means that we can deal with VAT matters on your behalf, keeping you informed with every change that may arise.

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