Potential changes to the VAT treatment of land related supplies

3 June 2014

The VAT liability of services connected with land and buildings has always been a complex cross-border topic.

During April 2014, the EU Commission and Fiscalis published a “Request for input from businesses” to highlight the particular areas of difficulty surrounding this area.

We have responded to this request with a set of slides, succinctly laying out the potential problematic areas, as well as laying out a considered approach to the solution. These slides can be viewed by clicking on the 'Download PDF' button below.

The EU Commission will be holding a workshop in November 2014 in Madrid to discuss the findings of this information request. A representative from Fiscal Solutions will be in attendance and we will explain any draft changes as and when they are announced.

For more information or advice, please contact Darren Aldrich (Darren.Aldrich@fiscalsolutions.co.uk) or Stephen Pope (Stephen.Pope@fiscalsolutions.co.uk).


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