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If you are looking to establish yourself in the global e-commerce marketplace, online VAT is a commercial reality. Fiscal Solutions is highly experienced in understanding the complexities of e-commerce VAT and will help you maintain compliance.

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We appreciate that there are a lot of factors influencing your liability for online VAT, so please contact us for more information and to discuss the implications. Alternatively, take advantage of our free consultation offering.

At what point do I have to register for online VAT?
If you make distance sales of taxable goods to individuals in EU or non-EU countries, you may have to consider thresholds of sales that can be made before local VAT registration becomes a legal obligation.

EU and non-EU online retailers can avoid setting up offices in each country in which VAT is due by using a tax agent or fiscal representative. In some EU and non-EU countries the appointment of a fiscal representative is a legal obligation.

If you are a non-EU supplier you will need to register through a specially created portal to pay EU VAT on your supplies to individuals.

European Union rules on distance selling

The EU term ‘distance selling’ specifically refers to EU businesses that sell to individuals within the EU. If the annual value of those sales exceed certain thresholds, businesses will have to register for VAT in the relevant EU country. Thresholds for each country can be found in the ‘Country data’ dropdown menu on this website.

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