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Our snapshot view of VAT rates enables you to compare the standard rate with reduced rate of VAT in each country. Further country specific VAT information and the latest news updates can be found by clicking on the country link.

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Yes, potentially you will need to charge VAT on the sale of these goods. In order to know for sure we will have to look at where and to which type of customer you are selling the goods, therefore in order to get a definitive answer please contact us.

You could potentially have a requirement to VAT register and charge VAT on the supply of services in the EU, this largely depends on the type of service you are providing and who you are providing this to. For a more definitive answer and a free VAT consultation please contact us.

No as these are zero rated sales for VAT purposes. However in order to export from the EU you will need to have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number and may also be required to register for VAT in the country that you are making the sale from. For a more definitive answer and if you would like help in obtaining an EORI number or a VAT account please contact us.

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Ireland increases VAT rate applied to food supplements from January 2020

From 1 January 2020, Ireland will raise the VAT rate applied to certain food supplements to 13.5%. This will not apply to all food supplements, with certain products such as some vitamins, minerals and fortified foods, continuing to benefit from the 0% VAT rate. Please click here for further information

Paraguay B2C e-services withholding VAT – January 2020

From 1 January 2020, Paraguay will extend VAT to non-resident sales of digital services to consumers in the country. When introduced the new tax at 10% will be collected via payment providers (such as banks and credit card companies) when the customer makes the payment. The payment providers will then be responsible for paying this… Read More

Ecuador proposes to introduce VAT on e-services from 2020

Ecuador is the latest country to propose a VAT charge on the sale of e-services to local consumers by non-resident businesses. At present, non-resident businesses providing digital services in Ecuador do not have to charge VAT on their sales. However, in an effort to remove the unfair advantage that this gives to non-resident companies over… Read More